How long do I have to answer an ejectment lawsuit after a foreclosure in Alabama?


“I have been sued in an ejectment lawsuit after a foreclosure. How long do I have to answer the lawsuit in Alabama?”

This is an important question that we will answer in this article.  It seems bad enough to be foreclosed.  But then you get sued for “ejectment”.  This means the company suing you (normally your mortgage company) is trying to evict or “eject” you from your home.

And claim you have lost your right of redemption.

And get money damages against you.

So once you are served with this lawsuit, what are your time limits?

In Alabama, you have 30 days from the day you were served to answer it.

This is highly important, because some people won’t acknowledge their lawsuit.  They just pretend it didn’t happen and hope it goes away.

This is dangerous because of the consequences that can take place.

If you fail to respond to the lawsuit within the 30 day time limit, bad things happen.

You can lose your house.

A sheriff’s deputy will come to your door, and tell you that you must leave the house.

You could lose the right of redemption that you have.

You could even be accountable to give money damages to the person who now owns the house you lost.

It’s very important to take your ejectment lawsuit seriously in Alabama.


If you’d like more information about ejectment lawsuits, you can go to, where we go into more detail about ejectment lawsuits and what you can do.

You can also check out to look at RESPA and how it could possibly help you out.

We highly recommend checking these pages out and taking action.

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