Lawsuit Against LVNV and Northland Group By Alabama Consumer


You got sued by a debt buyer — you won. But the debt buyer keeps collecting. Either give up and accept it or fight back.

We suggest fighting back is normally the best option.

This is what our client did when she was sued by the debt buyer/debt collector LVNV and she won her case. But then LVNV hired the rather famous debt collector Northland Group to continue to collect against her.

She could have given up.

Or she could have begged these debt collectors to follow the law — but then again the judge had already ruled our client didn’t owe the debt so I’m not sure what good telling LVNV and Northland Group would have done.

So she could give up or fight back.

She chose to fight back and ask a jury to decide about what LVNV and Northland Group have done after losing the collection case against her.

You can read about the lawsuit she filed against LVNV and Northland Group here.

If you have experienced similar conduct by LVNV or Northland Group and you live in Alabama, we would like to hear from you. You can call us at 205-879-2447.

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