Lawsuit Against LVNV and Budzik Law Firm For FDCPA Violations By Alabama Consumer


Alabama consumers are filing lawsuits against the well known debt buyer and debt collector LVNV Funding for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). You can read about a recent suit against LVNV and a collection lawfirm called Budzik & Dynia, LLC (out of Chicago) that an Alabama resident filed.

Remember when a debt buyer sues you in Alabama, it must prove that you owe the debt and that the debt buyer now owns the debt. From what we see, normally debt buyers will not and cannot do this in Alabama.

When a debt buyer loses a case against you in Alabama, it must cease all collection activities, but often these debt buyers will not cease collecting the debt — instead they keep trying to illegally collect it.

You can find a listing of some lawsuits against LVNV for this type of mis-conduct.

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