Lawsuit Against Experian’s “Free” Credit Reports


Our friend Denise Richardson of has posted an article about a lawsuit against Experian, also known as The suit alleges that Experian “knowingly and deliberately” advertises free credit reports, yet they are not actually free. There is a $14.95 monthly service charge for “credit monitoring services,” enabling Experian to claim consumers aren’t paying for the actual report.

The suit is attempting to end the…

unfair competition, false advertising, willful deception, fraud, negligence and unjust enrichment. They are seeking damages, restitution and an injunction in what appears to be a collective shaking of their legal index finger pointing squarely at Experian’s deep pockets saying: Enough is enough. No more screwing consumers.

It would seem that Experian doesn’t understand the difference in advertising a totally free credit report and actually providing consumers with it and denies any wrongdoing.

You’d think they’d get the message since they’ve been the subject of two earlier FTC enforcement actions -both revolving around the marketing of their “free credit reports“. It looks to many of us that Experian simply tweaks their jingle and continues on with business as usual.

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