IRS Warns Of Tax Scams

by has posted an article about the a warning from the IRS concerning scams during the tax filing season. Scam artists are using the IRS logo, name and other devices to impersonate the agency and thus obtain your personal information for the purpose of identity theft. Scammers usually try to contact people through Twitter, emails or other online messaging services. Others use faxes or phone calls or set up their own websites.

The IRS rarely sends unsolicited emails to people, and if it does, information about tax accounts isn’t discussed, nor will they ask for personal information or sensitive financial information such as bank accounts or PIN numbers.

Anyone with a computer, phone or fax machine could receive a scam message or unknowingly visit a phony or misleading Web site. Individuals, businesses, educators, charities and others have been targeted by e-mails that claim to come from the IRS or Treasury Department. Scam e-mails are generally sent out in bulk, based on e-mail addresses (urls), similar to spam.

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