In Alabama Identity Theft Is Achieved By Old Fashioned Means


An article yesterday in the discussed a recent meeting in Northern Alabama where speakers from the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission discussed Identity Theft in Alabama. Several highlights from this excellent article by Tom Smith:

“Identity theft is a growing problem; it happens every day,” said McDaniel, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama

. . .

He pointed out that despite common belief, the Internet is not the most common source of identity theft.

“They still do dumpster diving, where the thieves will search through trash for personal information, but the old-fashioned method of stealing is still very popular,” Davis said.

He said stealing mail is a popular way for thieves to get personal information.
“In smaller, rural areas, that’s the more popular method,” he said.

He said about 10 percent of identity thefts occur online.

“The low tech method – mailboxes or stealing – are the ways (thieves) normally get the information,” he said.


Davis said although the elderly remains the largest group targeted in identity theft, younger people aren’t immune.

He said the 18 and younger age group is one of the fastest growing age groups targeted in identity theft incidents.

The article points out that education is the key and that is one of the purposes of this blog – to provide information to protect against Identity Theft, correct it if it happens, and to be able to prosecute the responsible parties under civil law.

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