If In Litigation – Be Careful Of What You Have On Facebook


While this article by Belinda Luscombe in Time is on Facebook and divorce, the principal holds true for any type of litigation that you are in – understand that what you put on Facebook (or Myspace, etc) can be used against you.

Lawyers love to find inconsistencies – the idea is “If you lied about this thing over here, then you lied about this over here.”

Our advice is to never put anything on your Facebook account (or other social media) that has to do with your lawsuit and make sure your lawyer knows about your social websites.

So make sure that you are consistent and honest and never for a moment believe that anything you put up on Facebook is truly private….

Speaking of Facebook – make sure you grab your custom URL – here’s mine if you want to connect (as long as we are all being careful that is…..) – http://www.facebook.com/johngwatts

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