Identity Theft – Seven Year Old Boy Told Owes Taxes On $60,000 He Has Made


This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious – a 7 year old boy has been told by the IRS he owes back taxes on $60,000. It turns out a despicable person has been using the boy’s identity since 2001. Let’s see – using advanced math skills – the boy was, what, one year old when his identity was stolen? Or was he not even one yet? Amazing!

The story is pretty short but it gives the details – we recommend you read it in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Protect yourself and your children from identity theft. If you have been the victim of identity theft contact a consumer attorney. This will help make sure you get it cleared up – or if it doesn’t get cleared up you can sue the companies that refuse to honor their obligations under federal and state law.

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