Identity Theft Of A Mother By Her Daughter?


We have noticed in our practice an increase of family members who are committing identity theft against each other. We often see this in the context of a divorce – a spouse or ex spouse will steal the other’s identity so that they can get access to credit. But we have not seen a daughter steal her mother’s identity but apparently it happens as reported here:

Charges include obtaining a money transfer for £6,000 from the Alliance and Leicester by falsely representing she was her mother, Gail McGibbon, obtaining a credit card by falsely representing she was her sister, Sarah Dibb, obtaining a credit card from Egg by deceptively claiming she was Gail McGibbon, theft of £614, £1,203 and £150 from Egg and theft of £284, £250 and £100 from Monument.

Bottom line? Pull your credit reports, review them, and keep vigilant against identity theft in all of its forms.

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