Identity Theft Can Strike Children – An Amazing Story


We normally think that Identity Theft only applies to adults but this story should make all of us (especially those of us who are parents) more aggressive in dealing with Identity Theft.

Zach Friesen was the ripe age of 7 when he was the rightful owner of a houseboat and $40,000 in debt, thanks to his identity being stolen.

The houseboat, purchased with a loan taken out in Friesen’s name by an identity thief, came to light 10 years later when he applied for his first job but was turned down because of his credit. He has no idea how his identity was stolen.
“It’s really at first just shock, awe, sort of an overwhelming sense of confusion and disillusion, like, ‘Are you serious?”’ said the now-21-year-old Friesen, who spoke Friday to Fort Collins High School students. “I owe $40,000 for something I had no control over?”

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