How To Be A Good Consumer Lawyer


The Indiana Consumer Lawyer Blog has posted an article that provides some tips on being an effective consumer lawyer.

One of the most important things you can do as a consumer attorney is to listen to your client and then fully answer and explain their questions or concerns. Robert Duff, the writer of the article, compares this to going to see a doctor. If you were injured and told you had to have surgery, you would certainly want the doctor to thoroughly explain how surgery would repair the injury and what recovery time would be like. You would want the doctor to take his time with you and understand that your injury has hugely impacted your life and you wouldn’t be there talking to him if you didn’t need his expertise.

The same is true for attorneys and their clients. People come to attorneys when they have a problem dominating their lives, such as with an abusive debt collector, been sued by a debt collector, have credit report problems or a multitude of other reasons. They want and need a complete explanation for the solution to their problem.

There is also a lesson for consumers in this, too. Educate yourself, do research, get second opinions and be proactive when deciding on an attorney to hire.

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