How do I find out how much insurance the defendant has in a car wreck case in Alabama?




If you’ve the unfortunate experience of being in a car wreck, you may wonder, “How do I figure out how much insurance the other person has?”

Pretty important question if you need money from the other side to compensate you for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, permanent injury, etc.

There are two scenarios for this question.

One scenario is before a lawsuit, when you’re just talking with the insurance company.

If you have not filed a lawsuit against the responsible person, then their insurance company is not required to tell you the amount of insurance.

Although, you can certainly encourage them to tell you. Especially if they want you to negotiate a settlement before filing suit.

The second scenario is if you have filed a lawsuit against the negligent person who caused the car wreck.

They’re required to tell you if you’re suing them.

They may claim, “Well, we can’t let the jury know how much, or that the defendant has insurance. So, we can’t tell you.”

While it’s true that we can’t let the jury know about the insurance, that’s not the question. The question is are you entitled to know about the amount of insurance when you have sued.


Don’t let these insurance companies play games with you.

While you’re just talking with them, before a lawsuit, you’re trying to encourage them to tell you the amount so that you can base your settlement off of that amount.

It’s important to get this information, because if you have $200,000 in medical bills to pay, you need to know how much you can sue for.

If they only have $50,000, then that helps you to know whether to take the money or to sue and try to get more than the amount of insurance.

However, if they have $1 million in insurance, then you know that their insurance can cover your damages so you won’t be tempted by a “low-ball” offer that you might have taken if there was little or no insurance.

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