How Alabama Consumers Should Dispute Inaccurate Items That Have Been Discharged In Bankruptcy


Earlier we discussed how to determine if debts that have been discharged are being reported accurately. If these accounts show a balance, then you should dispute them. This post shows one way of disputing.

One way is to write to the consumer reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) and tell them that the accounts listed in your letter should have a “zero balance”. Do not mention anything about bankruptcy. You can read here for general information about disputing inaccurate accounts.

There are other ways to dispute (such as including all bankruptcy papers to the agencies) but this way seems effective. The agencies send a notice to the furnishers you have listed in the dispute letter that you claim the balance should be zero. The furnishers get that notice and investigate (or they are supposed to investigate). Obviously the furnishers know that the account should have a zero balance – they have received notice that the account was discharged. We trust they take federal orders, such as discharge orders, seriously. When they see the account was discharged, they will finally do what they should have done immediately after the discharge – report your account as “included in bankruptcy” and show a zero balance.

If they don’t, then you should consult an experienced consumer lawyer and consider suing the creditor/furnisher. Here is an example of one of our many cases where we have sued the furnisher/creditor for not investigating and correcting an account that was discharged in bankruptcy.

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