How Abusers Use Credit Reports To Extort Money Out Of Alabama Consumers


Sometimes Alabama consumers ask us why they should worry about wrongful items being on credit reports? There are many answers but one is illustrated by this story which describes what appears to be a very aggressive tow truck operator who allegedly threatened to put (and maybe did put) wrong information on an Air Force officer’s credit report.

While we don’t know who is right or wrong in this case, we have seen unscrupulous creditors and debt collectors and collection agencies use the threat of putting false information on credit reports to force innocent people to pay money they don’t owe. An attorney friend of ours was told one time by a collection agency that the debt collector knew the amount being collected was wrong “but it will mess up your refinance so why don’t you just pay it”. The attorney did. This type of misconduct must stop and suing the bad guys is certainly one way to motivate them to stop doing this….

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