Hospital Gets You Sick Then Collects Massive Fees. Huh?


This is a remarkable story from the Tennessean, written by Walter F. Roche, Jr. about contaminated shots given to patients and then the hospital, which gave the shots, is collecting tens of thousands of dollars in fees to treat the problems from the contaminated shots. Read the whole story here.

A decidedly different view was expressed by one of the attorneys representing outbreak victims.

“For the people who got sick from tainted injections at Saint Thomas, Saint Thomas is now charging tens of thousands of dollars to treat them,” said Mark Chalos, a Nashville attorney representing some of the victims.

Saint Thomas Outpatient Neurosurgical Center, half-owned by Saint Thomas Network, was one of three Tennessee clinics that received shipments of fungus-contaminated steroid last year from the New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts.

Chalos charged that the clinic put profits over patient safety by buying the cheapest medicine for $6.50 a dose and then charging those getting the shots $1,000 or more.

Asked to respond for the clinic, spokesman Scott Butler said, “It is inappropriate at this time to comment on this ongoing litigation except to say that the health care providers at Saint Thomas Outpatient Neurosurgical Center always put patient safety first. The providers never put profits over patient safety. Period.”

Sometimes corporations act so stupidly it is almost hard to believe.

I think this fits that category….


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