Great News For Victims Of Arbitration Provisions


A serious problem for Alabama consumers and consumers around the country is the wide spread practice of forcing consumers to “accept” arbitration agreements. These often say that the consumer can not file or participate in any class action. Thus, times where an Alabama consumer is cheated out of $50 has to be filed individually which, as a practical matter, means most cases are not filed and consumers are left frustrated.

The Ninth circuit recently ruled that these class action waivers are unconscionable under California law. Read this short post by the Consumer Law & Policy blog for more information and the direct link to the case.

This is an excellent decision as it is important for Alabama consumers and consumers around the nation to have the option to pursue the bad guys in a class action. While the Ninth circuit does not have authority over Alabama, any good law is helpful to get more and more appellate courts making the right decision.

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