Good Or Bad To Sue Abusive Debt Collectors?


Good people who are harassed by debt collectors sometimes wonder if it is ok or right to sue an abusive debt collector.

Sometimes they are told that it is wrong to take action against debt collectors if you owe any money. Sometimes they are told that there is nothing that can be done against debt collectors or that no lawyers will help them.

Today I wrote an article entitled “Are You A Hero For Suing Abusive Debt Collectors” and I hope that this helps you as you think through these issues.

My position is that abusive debt collectors hurt not only consumers but also honest, law abiding collectors. This is not fair and it is not right. As we have explained in a closing argument in Federal Court — it is bad for business to allow these cheaters to run free and destroy honest debt collection agencies.

The jury agreed.

But nothing can happen unless good, honest, determined Alabama consumers stand up and say “I will not take this anymore!”

The collectors use, and break, the laws so it is certainly appropriate and fitting for you to use the law in an honest, ethical way to do your part to stop even the largest of abusive collection agencies.

Be someone that others look up to.

Can I say it?

Be a hero.


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