Good Article On $100,000 Verdict For False Credit Reporting


Christine at the always interesting “2007 Credit Suit” site has a nice article about Robert Brennan’s recent verdict against Arrow Financial Services. This case dealt with problems that many Alabama residents are fighting – debt collectors who falsely put information on credit reports.

We fight this using several laws – the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Alabama state law (defamation, invasion of privacy, negligence, etc), and against debt collectors/debt buyers the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which prohibits false entries on your credit report. We’ll write more about this later but take a look at this article on Christine’s site – it does us all good to see the good guys winning. We’ve met Robert at some consumer conferences and he definitely seems like a good guy….

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Ms. Nelson previously sued Arrow in 2003 over the account, and part of the settlement of that case included a permanent removal from her credit reports. However, literally as she was signing the settlement agreement from the previous lawsuit, Arrow began re-reporting the account to Equifax, one of the “big three” credit bureaus, using a different account number. When Ms. Nelson later disputed the account’s re-appearance to Equifax, Equifax could not locate the account because it had been re-reported with a different account number. Ms. Nelson then brought the lawsuit.

You can’t make this stuff up – what we see debt collectors doing just boggles the mind….

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