Good Advice For Alabama Consumers Being Harassed By Debt Collectors


We are members of a great organization called NACA – National Association of Consumer Advocates – and there is a section of the website that gives wonderful advice for consumers living in Alabama and other states who are dealing with collection agencies and debt collectors.

We love this excerpt and suggest you read the entire article:

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) bars all forms of unfair, abusive and deceptive collection practices. While the statute provides a laundry list of potential violations, this list is not exclusive. The statute also provides a general prohibition on any form of deception, abuse, or unfair treatment.

Here’s a general rule of thumb you can use to interpret this: If your mother would be upset about you treating other people the way that you were treated by the debt collector, then the conduct probably violates the FDCPA.

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