Free Report On Why Debt Collectors Illegally Contact Third Parties


One of the worst type of abuses that debt collectors commit is contacting third parties (anyone other than the consumer or the consumer’s spouse) to collect the debt.

Sometimes the collectors call co-workers. This is known as an “office party”.

Sometimes neighbors are called by the abusive collectors – this is known as a “block party”.

The reason this type of illegal conduct is done is simple – it works. Nothing works quite like calling a consumer’s mother or preacher to bring that type of pressure down on the consumer.

This is also highly illegal and should normally result in the abusive debt collector being sued. We have more and more clients coming to our office to sue for this type of outrageous behavior. We are always glad to meet with clients but we also want to provide good information before we can meet so our free report on “Why Debt Collectors Call Third Parties And How To Make Them Pay For Breaking The Law”. You can get this free report by calling us at 205-879-2447 or by filling out the contact form on our website – make sure to fill it out completely and mention you want this report.

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