Four Reasons To Contact A Foreclosure Defense Attorney

by has posted an article that gives advice on when is the right time to contact a foreclosure defense attorney. Andy Miofsky, author of the article, lists four circumstances where it might be in your best interest to contact a foreclosure attorney.

#4. You have received a Summons and Complaint for foreclosure and are now being sued by your mortgage company. You are in danger of losing your property and usually have 30 days or less to respond.

#3. A collection lawyer sends you a letter that gives you a deadline to catch up on delinquent mortgage payments and also threatens foreclosure. The next step is for the bank to sue you.

#2. Your mortgage company sends out a notification that your payments are in default. The next notification you receive should be a letter from the mortgage company’s lawyer.

#1. If you are knowingly behind on your mortgage payments, go ahead and contact a mortgage defense attorney to plan a strategy and confront the problem head-on.

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