Former Equifax Employee Accused of Identity Theft


Atlanta, Georgia news station reporter Rachel Kim, recently did an excellent story for a WSBTV Channel 2 news broadcast that Equifax apparently hired a woman who used stolen information to obtain a new identity. This was discovered not by Equifax, but by the victim of the identity theft.

After reviewing her credit report and seeing that Equifax and another company had run a background check, the victim began investigating and realized her identity had been stolen. Though the thief has not yet been caught, authorities have traced her trail and have found that she was able to open several credit cards, obtain a driver’s license and has outstanding taxes owed to the IRS under the victim’s name.

One might wonder how Equifax could allow such a breach of security to occur. Equifax has issued a public statement that while the identity thief worked there for almost a year, she did not steal anyone else’s identities or personal information. Given Equifax’s obvious inability to perform an adequate background check, you have to wonder what they really know about what their employees are doing. The victim, herself, raised an important point when she asked, “I didn’t understand how when you do a background check you check for a credit report but you do not pull up a picture from the DMV to see a picture to verify.” You would have thought this would be something Equifax already did considering ita role in protecting everyone’s identity.

Its difficult to find a more appropriate example of the fox guarding the hen house. While Equifax will move one, the victim now has the IRS to deal with and receives numerous calls from debt collectors at almost every hour of everyday, including as late as 9 at night.

To read the story or watch the newscast click here.

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