For Lawyers: Great new book by John Fisher (The Law Firm of Your Dreams)


For Lawyers: Great new book by John Fisher (The Law Firm of Your Dreams)

For Lawyers: Great new book by John Fisher (The Law Firm of Your Dreams)

This recommendation is primarily for lawyers. However, even if you’re not a lawyer you may still get some value out of this. 

I want to share with you a new book called The Law Firm of Your Dreams

This book was written by John Fisher, who is a friend of mine that I met through some conferences. 

This is a tremendous resource for running your own law firm.

It has all sorts of information about what type of mindset to have, how to manage your firm, how to manage the people that work with you, cases, & money. 

It even discusses running your firm from a marketing standpoint: How do you market offline? How do you market online? How do you use social media to promote your law firm?

You don’t have to be a trial lawyer to understand his writing. 

John is a medical malpractice lawyer in New York, so the last part of the book focuses on how to be a good trial lawyer. 

He discusses how to pick juries, how to make the right arguments,  and how to prepare your clients for trial. 

I enjoy it because it’s what I’ve been doing for 25 years with personal injury cases and similar lawsuits. 

This book is very helpful because of its specific application to the type of law I practice. 

But even if you are an estate planning lawyer, a tax lawyer,  or any other type of lawyer – If you practice on your own or think that one day you may have your own practice, this is a fantastic book for you to read. 

This is not John’s first book.

the power of a system

John has another book called The Power of a System.

The Power of a System is basically his policy and procedure manual for his firm. 

He goes over every little step – requesting medical records, what to do when you receive a trial notice, and more. 

He explains everything in his book. 

I have bought this book more times than I can count off of Amazon.

I’ll buy it, read it, then a friend of mine will say something that reminds me of the book and I’ll give it to them. 

Every time I’ve met John, he has just been fantastic. 

Some people have a carefully crafted persona and image, and then when you meet them you realize the image was much better than the reality. 

But every time that I’ve met John, he has been consistently authentic and helpful.

John also runs a YouTube channel with good information as well. 

He will even provide his email in his books and on his Youtube page. He offers to give you all his best forms, strategies, and marketing. 

Some people are very protective of this type of information and what to keep it a big secret.

They think that if everyone knows their procedures, they would go out of business. 

This is a foolish mindset to have, believing that your competitors will take your information, or nobody will hire you. This is a scarcity mindset. 

This guy is the real deal, willing to share information that is very helpful. 

I appreciate him for writing these books.

Especially for the lawyers who are viewing this, you’ll want to check out this book. 

It is very much worth your time. 

If you guys will reach out and connect with him, you’ll be very glad that you did.

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