Five Percent of All Identity Theft Victims Are Children


According to myentrust’s article, a staggering five percent of all identity theft victims are children. You should definitely read the entire article but here is a critical part of the article:

Here are some common sense Tips to Protect Children from identity theft and online fraud:

1) Keep info private – Educate children about the importance of keeping personal information private.

2) Protect their SSN – Your kids need to ask your permission from a parent before they give out their Social Security number and address or other personal contact information to anyone.

3) Protect personal info – Warn children about the perils of submitting their email address, name, home address, and birth date to online sites.

4) Check for red flags -If you start to receive promotional mail and especially credit card solicitations in your child’s name, this is a red flag for potential identity theft.

5) Stay off mailing lists – Keep the names of children off mailing lists. Use an adult family member’s name instead.

6) SSN’s only when necessary – Social Security number theft is on the rise. Don’t give your children’s SSN to anyone, if it’s not absolutely necessary. When it is, ask why it’s needed and how it will be used.

7) Parental monitoring – Pay attention to sites your children visit and ensure they are not unnecessarily exposing themselves to identity theft.

8) Protect SSN cards – Don’t allow your children to carry their Social Security cards. Keep them locked in a secure place.

We need to practice these steps to help protect our children. We just today posted an article about a seven year old boy that had his identity stolen when he was about one year old.

Myentrust is an interesting website with lots of identity theft related articles. Thanks to Julie Tilsner of Walletpop for alerting us to this article.

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