Federal Government’s Plan To Curb Identity Theft


There is a good article at Creditbloggers about the federal government’s plan to reduce the risk of identity theft from its own actions. Read the introduction below and check out the rest of the article for the encouraging news.

Amid the whirring of pigs’ wings and crackling of ice from the underworld comes another unexpected noise: the sound of someone in government actually taking charge. Believe it or not, federal agencies across the board have been given 120 days to go through their files, track down every unneeded SSN, and put a plan into place to “eliminate the unnecessary collection and use of Social Security numbers within 18 months.”

These long overdue marching orders arrived in a memo from Clay Johnson III, deputy director for management of the Office of Management and Budget, which he sent to the heads of every federal department and agency. The agencies were also told to review all information that could be used to identify an individual citizen or employee, make sure those records are accurate, and “reduce them to the minimum necessary” for the agencies to do their job.

Let’s hope the government follows through on this call to action.

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