FDCPA: Making Collectors Pay Your FDCPA Lawyer Fees


We wrote an article about how if you successfully sue a debt collector under the FDCPA then you will normally be able to make the collector pay your lawyer’s fees. Collectors hate this — it means they have to pay three things:

1. Damages to you for the violations of the law;
2. Attorney fees to the attorneys who defend the abusive debt collector — and these guys aren’t cheap; and 3. Lawyer fees to your FDCPA lawyer.

We can’t speak for anyone else but our hourly rate is much higher than the defense lawyers who defend the collection agencies so these collectors really go bonkers at the thought of having to pay our hourly fee.

They think it is unfair.

Actually it is unfair to break the law, hurt someone, and then expect the consumer in Alabama to have to hire a cheap lawyer. Consumers have the right to hire whichever lawyer they think is the best for their situation and then the court will decide the hourly rate.

Our suggestion is to hire the best lawyer that fits with your unique situation — don’t skimp as ultimately the debt collector will be paying the bill.

Poetic justice….

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