FDCPA Lawsuit Against NCA and Smith Haynes


We recently filed suit (19 pages for the Complaint) under the FDCPA and Alabama state law against the debt collectors out of Kansas — National Credit Adjusters and Smith Haynes & Watson.

There is a great deal of scams going on in the collection world related to pay day loans.

This lawsuit exposes a different facet of pay day loan collection scams — assuming that the allegations are correct, which we believe they are.

I’m sure the defendants, National Credit Adjusters (also known as NCA) and Smith Haynes will strongly disagree and that is why, as an old judge told me once, they build these big courthouses. To decide who is right and who is wrong.

If you feel a collector has lied to you and you live in Alabama, please give us a call at 205-879-2447 and we’ll be glad to chat with you and discuss your options.

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