Fascinating Article On Chicago Courts Clogged By Debt Collection Suits


The Chicago Tribune has an interesting article on the number of suits in the Chicago court system and some of the problems faced by consumers who have been sued – including those who do not owe any money.

We suggest reading the entire article but here is a brief quote:

But because debt collectors operate on volume-pushing through lawsuits based on little more than lists of names, addresses and alleged amounts due-there are also plenty of instances of mistaken identities, cases where debts are alleged when the bills have been paid and even situations where people have fallen behind and tried to work out repayments only to be hauled in to court.

While in Birmingham and other cities in Alabama we don’t have the same numbers of cases filed, it is still a huge problem with false suits being filed against Alabama consumers who don’t owe the money. If you have been sued, feel free to contact us to learn more about your rights.

[Thanks to the Consumer Law & Policy Blog for pointing out this article].

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