Fascinating Article About Collectors Abusing Collectors From Louisville Christian Examiner


This story by Karen McCracken is odd on several levels.

First a collection agency puts WWJD on all of its letters – What Would Jesus Do.

Second, here is the position of the collection agency:

Harry Mihet, lead attorney stated: “They treat their customers with respect, with integrity and the way they would want to be treated. They listen to the debtors. They try to work out solutions for the problems they are facing. They even pray with the debtors over the phone sometimes in certain situations.”
Mihet further states that “The only reason they put it there (WWJD) is they want the world to know they have adopted for themselves a code of conduct that goes above and beyond any federal law requirements to be civil and polite to debtors.”

Third, what has made this particularly newsworthy is that the collection agency is being sued. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. By another collection agency!

Not surprising to see collectors abusing consumers and I suppose it should not be surprising to see them abuse other collectors….

I would not expect this suit to be successful and if this WWJD collection agency really treats it debtors with respect and follows (or exceeds the law) then congratulations to it.

Thanks to Karen for writing this story in my old city of Louisville, Kentucky, where I lived for a number of years (Pleasure Ridge Park high school – memories!). Keep up the good work!

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