Explosion In Debt Buyer Collection Lawsuits


We are at a conference on debt buyers and learned this interesting fact that will interest Alabama consumers. Just one debt buyer, and not even the biggest, filed an astonishing 23,000 lawsuits in 2003. That is a staggering number of lawsuits across the country. But in 2007 this same debt buyer filed 379,000 lawsuits.

This explains, in part, why so many Alabama consumers are being sued – the debt buyers are becoming more aggressive in their collection activities. The way to fight back against this is for Alabama consumers to remember the debt buyers and collection agencies must prove they own the debt and when Alabama consumers win the collection suit, the credit reports must be corrected or suit can often be filed against the debt buyer or debt collector.

Please feel free to contact us or another consumer attorney if you are facing one of these normally bogus lawsuits by a debt buyer – we will be glad to help and we can also discuss suing abusive collectors and debt buyers.

May 25, 2009, update – here is a video that describes what a debt buyer is:

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