Experian’s “Free” (Or Not Free) Credit Reports


The California Credit Law Blog refers to the not so free credit reports that Experian is pushing:

The NY Times reports that Experian is spending $70 million per years advertising its FreeCreditReport.com site where many consumers log on deceived into believing they will get a “free” credit report. For example, one person provided his credit card information thinking it was needed for identification only to find Experian charged him $14.95 a month for a credit-monitoring service.

The Experian website is not the one site where the credit report is free–that would be www.annualcreditreport.com. In 2005, the FTC sued Experian for deceptive marketing of its FreeCreditReport; Experian paid the FTC a fine of $950,000 settle.

We always recommend that pull your reports, review them, dispute errors, and file a suit if the errors are not corrected. Please contact us if you are having problems correcting errors on your credit reports.

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