Ex-Debt Collector Confessions Part 3


CNNMoney.com has posted an interesting article ,that we have turned into a series of posts, where 10 former debt collectors were interviewed to share their experiences in the collections industry…and why they chose to leave it.

Michelle Dunn worked as a debt collector for 18 years and shows us a different take on it. She says she initially took the job because she was good at it and it was easy for her. At first she felt like she was doing a good thing by helping companies get the money they were owed. Based on this interview, she says the main reason she left the industry was because of the abuse she received as a debt collector. Consumers being harassed by creditors is common and inexcusable, but it’s different to hear about a debt collector being the harassed party.

Dunn says that people would call her every five minutes and harass her since she was harassing them. She received verbal threats, was faxed pages of profanity and even had to be walked to her car by security because of debtors threatening to hurt her as she left work. She says she ended up leaving debt collecting because she “couldn’t take the screaming and name calling anymore. That and the sob stories from people who are down and out, don’t have the money you’re asking for and are so unhappy to hear from you each time you call. It isn’t fun for anyone. ”

Lisa Parker was a debt collector for five years and says there was a lot of pressure to collect debts, by any means necessary, to keep the job. She says:

“I felt that I had to say whatever I needed to in order to collect the money, and there were times when I was more aggressive and more assertive than I would have chosen to be. “

Parker says she also illegally called debtors’ neighbors and family members because she learned that was one of the best ways to intimidate people into calling her back. She says the long hours, pressure, and lack of self satisfaction in her work finally got to her and she left the collection agency.

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