What is the difference in my note, my mortgage, and my deed in Alabama?


When we’re dealing with homes, several words get tossed around.

Sometimes it it gets confusing.

In this article, we’re going to explain the difference between the note, the mortgage, and the deed in Alabama. 

Generally when these terms are brought up, it’s in the context of a foreclosure.

The note is the debt.

So it might say something like, “$200,000 at 6% interest for 30 years.”

Then it will explain how much you pay every month.

The mortgage ties the “debt to the dirt.”

The mortgage is what ties the debt to the property.

It makes the note (debt) a secured one, instead of an unsecured debt.

This is the reason that mortgage companies are willing to give us a loan.

They can feel secure that they can take our house through foreclosure if we don’t pay them back on time.

The deed is ownership.

There are different types of deeds.

It may be a warranty deed, or a quit claim deed.

A quit claim deed is basically where it says, “I don’t promise that I have complete ownership, but whatever I do have I’m giving to you.”

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