Definitions Of Terms Used In Alabama Collection Lawsuits


When you are sued by a debt collector or a debt buyer in Alabama, it is a scary thing to face. Part of the reason it is scary is you are dealing with the unknown.

Some company that you have never heard of and never done business is suing you. Asset Acceptance. LVNV. Midland. Unifund.

A lawyer that you don’t know is filing the lawsuit against you. Zarzaur & Schwartz. Ingram and Asssociates. Holloway & Moxley. Nathan and Nathan.

You are expected to be somewhere that you have never been — the Circuit Court for Jefferson County, Alabama or the District Court for Shelby County, Alabama, or the Small Claims Court for your county.

These sound like, and they are, very official places where your rights will hang in the balance of what you do and what the collection lawyer and debt buyer do.

Finally, it is scary because people are using terms that you may not fully understand. This is why we have a page on our Sued By A Debt Collector website dedicated to explaining in simple English the meaning of a dozen or so terms (we will be adding to this list).

We hope you find this useful and if there are any terms that you would like to see added, let us know.

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