Definition: Wage Garnishment




Wage garnishment is where a debt collector gets a judgment against you, goes to your employer with the judgment, tells your employer to hold back (approximately) 25% of your paycheck, and tells them to pay that 25% to them though the court.

They do have to fill out some forms before they actually do this, but they can garnish your wages if they have a judgment against you.

Unless there’s a valid reason, your employer can’t refuse to garnish you.

Your employer sends the money to the court, and the court gives the money to the debt collection lawyer.

For most of us, it’s troubling to lose 25% of our paycheck.

The best option is to avoid this if you can.

If we’re hired to handle a collection lawsuit, our objective is to either win the case, or make the other side drop the case so that there is no judgment.

But if there is a judgment, then you need to look at resolving/settling the case to avoid the garnishment.

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