Definition: Request for Production


Request for Production, or request for production of documents, is where each side can ask for documents that relate to the case.

“Documents” is a very general term.

It could be bills, emails, letters, etc.

In a personal injury case, we could ask for all documents pertaining to the truck driver who hit us or killed one of our relatives.

Or it could be we’re dealing with a mortgage company, and we ask them for all the documents that show a receipt of our payments to them.

Sometimes the mortgage company will receive your payment, but they will hold the check for several days and then cash in, but they will say you were late paying so they can charge you more money.

When we sue drug companies for putting out defective drugs, we are looking for all the documents related to the drug.  All marketing material.  All the internal studies, etc.

A request for production may can include physical items or inspections.

We may go inspect a plant with an expert where there was a technical difficulty that resulted in an injury.

Anything that you can hold in your hand, see, or step on that pertains to your case and is necessary can be request by submitting a request for production.

Think of this as gathering information for your case, and vice versa.

When the other side refuses to give us documents we are entitled to, then we need to force them to follow the rules.

We do this by letting them know that we know they are breaking the rules.  We talk to them — what the rules call a “meet and confer”.  Then if we don’t get the documents, then we file a “motion to compel” so the judge will get involved and force the defendant to give us the documents we are entitled to receive.

Usually in a case we only have to do this once or twice and that makes the company start to follow the rules.

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