Definition: “Block Party” when dealing with debt collectors




When we usually think of a block party, we think about spending time with our neighbors and grilling out.

Unfortunately, when a debt collector does a “block party”, it’s the opposite.

A block party is where a debt collector calls your neighbors and asks them to check on you.

This is in addition to calling you directly.

They won’t say what they’re trying to contact you about because it’s a “private matter”, but the debt collector will ask your neighbors to check in on you, and let you know what they called.

This results in sticky notes on your door, your neighbors knocking on your door to check on you, and your neighbors trying to stop you when they see you outside.

You may even receive phone calls and texts from your neighbors checking in on you.

You may wonder, “Why would they do this?”

The purpose of a block party is to grab your attention, and embarrass you in the process.

It’s unfortunately an effective way to get you to pay them money.

However, it’s also outrageously illegal to do.

When debt collectors order block parties, they’re violating the FDCPA, or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Under this law, they’re only allowed to call third parties to get your phone number, place of employment, or address.

They know your phone number and address, because they’ve been calling you, and they know your address because they’ve been calling your neighbors.

They probably have been trying to contact you at work, in addition to every other way they’ve been trying to contact you.

Even though it’s becoming more rare for a debt collection agency to actually do this, they pay big money when they do order these block parties.

Why would they do this if it’s illegal?

Because it’s one of the most effective ways to get you to pay them money.

It’s incredibly illegal, but highly effective.

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