Definition: Consent Judgment


A consent judgment is where you agree to have a judgment against you in a collection lawsuit.

A judgment is a document that is from the judge and filed into court.  It states that the debt collector can get money from us.

A consent judgment is where we agree to have a judgment against us.

It seems odd to agree to something like this, right?

It’s incredibly rare for a consent judgment to be appropriate in a collection lawsuit.  That’s my opinion — others will disagree.

But let me explain.

This is a real judgment.  Sometimes people argue that these are “not really judgments” etc.  Nope — it is a real live judgment against you.

If we agree to a consent judgment it will show up on our credit reports, and they can garnish our wages.

The debt collectors argue that if we agree to do a consent judgment, they will work out a payment plan instead of garnishing our wages.

Which is an advantage, but a judgment is a judgment.

Debt collectors either don’t know or don’t care that a consent judgment can impact your credit report immensely.

Before you even think about a consent judgment, you should consider your options first.  (You actually have 5 options when sued by a debt collector).

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