“Dealing With Debt Collectors, the Easy Way”


The Michigan Collection Law Blog has posted an article about an easy way to deal with debt collectors and creditor harassment. The article was originally written by Kat Sanders, who blogs for Court Reporter Schools.

We don’t agree with all of these points but you should consider these. We are finishing our free report on what to do when first contacted by a debt collector and will make that available soon. But do consider these points and take whatever is useful from these.

Sanders’ first pointer is for the consumer to know their rights. Debt collectors are prohibited from threatening or harassing you into paying by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Next, you can negotiate with them. Debt collectors cannot force you to pay, but you can negotiate with them to agree on a monthly sum to pay that will keep your creditor satisfied. This also shows the creditor that you do intend to pay the debt back.

You shouldn’t be “bullied down with threats” from the debt collector. Collectors often use intimidation as their main weapon, but are legally very limited in what they can do. They cannot seize funds directly from your paycheck unless they have a court order.

So don’t allow yourself to be browbeaten into paying more than you can afford and neglect your food and rent in the process.

Last, don’t threaten the debt collector.

It’s best to deal with debt collectors in a conciliatory way and avoid antagonizing them for your own peace of mind. While you must show them that you are aware of your rights. Don’t throw facts in their face. Instead, try talking to them about your situation and asking them for a grace period in which to repay your debt.

If you have had problems with creditor harassment, feel free to contact us.


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