Crazy Story – Chewing Tobacco And Human Toes


One of the most entertaining blogs we read is the Legal Juice – we enjoy the posts very much. A really strange story involves chewing tobacco and human toes. Here’s an excerpt:

Really. Mr. Bryson Pillars was chewing some tobacco when … [I’ll let the Mississippi Supreme Court take it from here. They just don’t write them like they used to.]

It seems that appellant [Mr. Pillars] consumed one plug of his purchase, which measured up to representations, that it was tobacco unmixed with human flesh, but when appellant tackled the second plug it made him sick, but, not suspecting the tobacco, he tried another chew, and still another, until he bit into some foreign substance, which crumbled like dry bread, and caused him to foam at the mouth, while he was getting “sicker and sicker.”

If you can, click here to read the rest of this story and check out the other posts on Legal Juice.

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