Countrywide Sanctioned For Wrongful Conduct In Bankruptcy


We are seeing more and more Alabama consumers who are being mistreated either during or after a bankruptcy. We have written about discharged creditors (who cannot collect money from the debtor – its been discharged) still trying to collect the money even though it is illegal to do so. You can read about it here and here. Amazingly, abuse even happens by creditors during the bankruptcy process.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Judge Jim Pappas has sanctioned Countrywide (or its subsidiaries) for wrongful conduct – in this case not answering discovery or showing up to depositions. Please click here to read the rest of this interesting story by WSJ reporter Amir Efrati.

If you are being mistreated by any creditor during or after a bankruptcy, please consult with your bankruptcy lawyer to help determine your rights. Over the years we have been brought into a number of cases by bankruptcy attorneys to help stop abusive creditors (during and after bankruptcy) who are breaking the laws in their obsession to collect money they are not entitled to collect.

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