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This is a copy of our Consumer Power Newsletter today as we know some people like to read blog posts on their Google Reader or other newsreader and since we are including a video we thought it might be helpful to have everything in one place. So, here is our newsletter this morning:

Good morning . . . I hope you are having a nice week and I appreciate you allowing us to visit with you for a few minutes this morning.

I decided to shoot a short video that covers the same material as this email so if you would like to see that you can watch it below. I did shoot this video late one day so I’m a little bit scruffy and don’t have on a tie so you’ll have to overlook that . . . 🙂



Let me know if you find the video helpful and if so I’ll include one for each week’s newsletter.

OK I have two main topics for the day.

The first is to document calls from collectors and I want to share with you a reason why.

The second is to let you know about three books that you can request at no charge.

Importance Of Documenting

This week Heather and I met with a nice lady who is dealing with collection calls. She was very thorough in documenting the calls and as we looked through the calls she pointed something out to us. The calls came approximately every 30 minutes. So the two or three calls a day would be something like this: 10:18; 10:48; 11:18.

This is significant because it shows that we are probably dealing with computer generated calls as few human collectors would be able to call exactly thirty minutes apart day after day.

If you have been reading our newsletter you know that computer generated calls (or pre-recorded messages) to your cell phone is a big red flag. Unless you gave permission to the company calling – either the collector or the original creditor – then whoever is making these calls to you is likely violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This exposes that company to potential damages of $500 or $1500. Per call.

I share this story with you of this pro-active consumer to remind you to carefully document calls. Document who called, when they called, keep voicemails, keep a picture of your caller ID, etc. This is true whether you are dealing with a mortgage company, a credit card company, a bill collector, a car finance company, etc.

If you would like some more information about the TCPA – calls to cell phones – you can read our article here. You can also read a short article on how to use a simple collection log to track calls.

The system you use is not important – what’s important is that you do have a system for keeping up with the calls as it may reveal options to you that you otherwise would not see.

Three Books

As you may know, we have held several tele-seminars on debt collection and foreclosure issues. We have started the process of getting those recordings transcribed and put into book form. That process is finished on three books and they will be available by Monday.

If you would like to receive a copy of any of these books, let me know. You can call us at 205-879-2447.

If you live in Alabama, let us know if you would like only the ebook format (PDF) or if you would like a printed version. If you live outside of Alabama, we are happy to send these to you in PDF. Do keep in mind these are focused on Alabama consumers which is where Stan Herring and I practice so you’ll need to consult with a local lawyer in your area to see if the general information we provide in these books is applicable to you.

Our books that are available now include:

1. Little Known Ways To Stop Abusive Debt Collectors;
2. Four Secrets To Stopping Wrongful Foreclosure In Alabama; and 3. Five Mistakes Consumers Make When Facing An Ejectment Action In Alabama.

Next Tele-Seminar – Questions To Ask Your Potential Alabama Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Our next tele-seminar will be in a few weeks (exact date coming next Thursday) and it will be on the Seven Questions You Should Ask Any Potential Alabama Foreclosue Defense Attorney Before You Hire. There are more and more lawyers who say they are foreclosure defense lawyers which is good as there are so many foreclosures and most foreclosures that we have seen have been improper. But how do pick the right one for you? What questions should you ask before you make a decision on your home and who will help you save your home?

If this is of interest to you, plan on joining us for our next tele-seminar where we will discuss these issues to offer you some suggestions on what you might ask about.

Final Thoughts

I’ll close this email today and I want to thank you for being interested in consumer issues and taking the time to read this (or to watch the video).

Best wishes and have a wonderful weekend as we (amazingly) start a new month on Saturday….

See you next week!

John Watts
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