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I hope you are having a great week — as we head towards Memorial Day.

I enjoy hearing stories — if you do also then you might enjoy this one that teaches us to use the experiences of others to learn lessons. And it is mildy funny also. 🙂

The Lion, Donkey and Fox

A lion, donkey and fox were out hunting rabbits one day. At the end of the day, they had a big pile of rabbits. [By the way — I have no idea why a donkey would hunt rabbits — its just part of the story….]

The lion says to the donkey, “You divide up the rabbits fairly between the three of us.”

The donkey divides the rabbits into three equal piles while the lion walks away.

The lion comes back to where the donkey and fox and the three piles of rabbits were located.

Looks at the three piles.

Looks at the donkey.

Kills the donkey.

Looks at the fox and says, “You divide up the rabbits fairly between the two of us.” Then the lion leaves.

The fox makes one huge pile of rabbits and takes one scrawny rabbit for himself.

The lion comes back.

Looks at the two piles.

Looks at the fox and says, “How did you get so good at math?”

The fox says, “The donkey taught me.”


When possible, better to use the experiences of someone else rather than having to experience the pain ourselves…..

Speaking of experience, I wrote a long (sorry — got on soapbox) article about choosing an attorney and the dirty secret that most attorneys don’t want clients to know about. At the end I share a personal story about my family hiring a lawyer. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer or know someone who is, you might enjoy this “candid” look “behind the curtain” — lawyers don’t want me to say what I said.

It will be worth your time to read it I think….

Have a great rest of your week!

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