Common Traits Of Identity Theft Victims


Yahoo!Finance has posted an article that discusses traits that victims of identity theft have in common. Experian, a credit bureau, has conducted a study that indicates identity thieves go for “affluent suburban consumers” who often live in higher-income neighborhoods with few renters and own one or more new or luxury vehicles. Of twelve categorizations of people, three were most highly sought after my identity thieves: “affluent suburbia,” “upscale American” and the more middle-class “American diversity.”

Experian says these consumers live in and around metropolitan areas, favor leisure activities, have college diplomas or advanced degrees and more often tend to be married.

Experian identifies the common activities of those most often victimized by ID theft:

• Tennis • Politics • Foreign travel • Charities/volunteering • Cultural/arts • Skiing

Where consumers live is also important to an identity thief. For example, it’s easier to steal a discarded document in a suburban area. Also, these affluent households “may have domestic help and service people who may have the opportunity to steal personal info from the home that can be used to acquire credit.”

Lenders also target these groups of people. Because of this, thieves have an easier time getting services and credit in the victim’s name.

How to protect yourself can be tricky because you can’t control where your information goes after it leaves your hands. Banks and other financial institutions have an obligation to guard your information. However, this article says that lenders need to strike a balance between guarding consumers’ information and still making it possible to get a loan or credit without major hassles.

If you should be a victim of identity theft, consider a credit freeze even though it might be a bit more work on your end. Credit Monitoring alerts you when changes are made to your credit score.

If you have been a victim of identity theft or have questions or concerns on the subject, feel free to contact us through our website or by calling 205-879-2447.

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