Which collection law firms sue in Alabama for National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?



When consumers are dealing with National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCSLT), the question comes up, “Which collection firms sue for these guys?”

There are two law firms that we typically see representing Nation Collegiate Loan Trust in Alabama.

Nathan & Nathan

Nathan & Nathan is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Scott & Associates

Scott & Associates is based in Texas and in Montgomery, Alabama.

Both of these firms are real, and if you’re being contacted by either of them you should take them seriously.

Just as you would take any lawsuit seriously.

Student loan cases tend to be large cases — we have seen them over $100,000.00 so if you are getting contacted or sued by these lawfirms, treat it very very seriously.

You can watch (or read) a detailed discussion of student loan lawsuits — specifically involving National Collegiate Trust or National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.  This video/article discusses options and mistakes people make as well as commonly asked questions.

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