Clashing With Choicepoint – One Consumer’s Challenge


We recently filed a lawsuit against Choicepoint (and State Farm) for putting and keeping false information related to a wreck on our Alabama client’s credit report. We don’t normally think of car wrecks as having anything to do with credit reports but credit reporting agencies such as Choicepoint do track this information. When the information is wrong, it can have serious consequences. Often insurance companies pull a Choicepoint report when deciding what rates to charge and whether you qualify for insurance. An error on your report can be very costly and frustrating.

We have previously mentioned about Choicepoint related to identity theft and insurance related matters but given the number of recent contacts by Alabama consumers who have been frustrated and hurt by Choicepoint, we thought it might be wise to mention our lawsuit against Choicepoint.

You can read the complaint filed by Angie Duckworth by going to our website under the “Representative Consumer Protection Cases” or by clicking here which will take you directly to the lawsuit.

If you are facing the challenge of correcting errors on your Choicepoint report, please remember that the same steps (listed here, here, and finally here) that are helpful when dealing with Equifax or Trans Union or Experian are also helpful in dealing with the more specialized consumer reporting agencies such as Choicepoint.

We are proceeding with discovery in our case and will post more if any interesting developments occur that we think might be helpful for our readers.

Finally, we are glad that David Szwak is working on the case with us. He is an excellent consumer lawyer from Louisiana and was previously mentioned in our article on Zombie debt.

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