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So when we represent you and the debt collection lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice, why do we want you to pull your credit reports 90 days later?

Because in the settlement agreement, the debt buyer or debt collector agreed to delete its credit reporting against you on the account it sued you for — and we want to make sure it has actually done this.


Your case is over! Congratulations! Continuing our series on Alabama debt collection lawsuits, let’s look now at what happens now that the court has now dismissed your case with prejudice.

As soon as we get the order, we send it to you so you can have it in your hands. This is what we have been waiting for — the actual order saying the case is over. It is done. Dismissed WITH prejudice which means you can never be sued again on this debt.


Continuing our series on being sued by a debt buyer, your case is now settled and we send you a copy of a “motion to dismiss” — what does this mean?

This is where the debt collector has asked the court to get rid of the lawsuit.


You have been sued and now we have filed an answer for you. What happens next?

We send you a copy of the answer. And we reach out to the collection lawyer to let them know that we are in the case and normally we give them the option of settling or going to trial.


So you have consulted with us, hired us, and now is the time for us to file an answer to the debt collection lawsuit filed against you.

We file the answer — the response to the lawsuit — electronically through “AlaFile” which is our electronic filing system with court. This almost immediately gives us a “stamped filed” copy back from the court that shows the exact time and date of the filing of your answer.


A natural question is do you have to come to one of our offices or can we do the consultation by phone?

Either way is fine but most folks do it by phone (or video). This saves you time as you don’t have to get time off of work, etc. and come see us — instead we do a 20-30 minute phone call.

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