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Is it fair to sue my mortgage company under RESPA after sending a Notice Of Error letter?

You have sent them a notice of error letter asking the company to investigate and fix the error. They don’t do it. Is it proper to sue them in this situation?


I was speaking with an experienced real estate professional the other day and the comment was made to me that probate judges in Alabama decide whether a foreclosure will happen or not.

So I wanted to address this issue or question.

How does a foreclosure happen in Alabama?


As you probably know, my law firm represents many Alabama consumer who sue mortgage companies such as Bank of America. Well, today I received a letter from Bank of America.

I opened it up and it was addressed to me and said that BoA recognized that I represented my client and they wanted to send the letter to me.

I was puzzled as there was no “consumer” or “homeowner” name listed.

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