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Most of us are familiar with credit scores and how they determine, to some extent, the type of loan we may qualify for but yesterday we read about a new type of credit scoring – it will measure your reliability to pay medical bills.

This interesting (and somewhat disturbing) product is discussed in several places and we won’t repeat what has already been said – instead we recommend you check out the following posts about this.


We have not heard of this but we ran across this post that describes the information the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) stores on a good percentage of Americans. Here is the introduction from the Because I Am Here blog by Aaron Titus

Long before Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones hit the screen as intergalactic secret agents, the MIB was doing undercover work of a distinctly terrestrial nature. Amassing storehouses of medical information since 1902, the Medical Information Bureau maintains a sort of “Medical Credit Report” on roughly 20% of the United States population.

When you apply for life, health, or disability insurance, insurance companies collect information about factors that might affect your health or longevity, such as age, sex, drug or alcohol use, and other risk behaviors. There is a good chance that at one point or another, you have signed a waiver permitting an insurance provider to transmit this information to the MIB, which creates a record of the insurance findings.

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