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Robert Duff is a consumer attorney in Indiana with an informative website ( and blog( He has a recent post on a strange story that does appear to be out of a Seinfeld episode:

Haven’t you ever wished the bank would make a mistake and through some glitch deposit about a hundred thousand dollars in your account? And then never find out? Tell me you’ve never thought about that! Anyway, that happened to George Costanza, oops, I mean George J. Costa of La Vista, Nebraska. More than $106,000 was deposited in his account between August 2006 and February 2007 after a bank employee mixed up account numbers. What did Mr. Costa do? He spent most of it. What’s happening to Mr. Costa now? He’s being charged with felony theft.

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We haven’t checked out this site to know whether it is worthwhile, but we do admit that the post about James Bond being an Identity Thief is somewhat funny, particularly for those of us who have enjoyed watching the James Bond movies over the years.

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